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Patches on Down & Insulated Jackets

Displayed here are some examples of patches we've done on down and synthetic jackets. Please note we don't always have exact color matches for fabrics. We do have the ability to add more down to a baffle on a jacket as part of a patching repair.

Pricing for down repairs is pretty wide ranging depending on how in-depth the repair is. For example having a single baffle recovered on a sleeve can start at $30 and our shop rate is $60 per hour plus materials. Send us a message with details about your specific problem and let's see if we can help you out.

Zippers on Insulated Jackets

Full zipper replacement on a down or synthetic jacket can run from $50-160 depending on construction and how we go about installing the new zipper. Pocket zipper repair or replacement can range from $30-60. If you have a zipper problem, send us a message and we can discuss your options.

Option A: For $50 we will cut out the old zipper and overlay a new zipper onto the face of the jacket. We don't open any seams for this option. $50.00
Option B: For $65 to $160 (depending on jacket construction) we will open all seams to remove the old zipper. Then we sew in a new zipper. It will look similar to the original construction. $75.00 – $160.00

For anything not listed, please email us through the contact page and we'll try to give you an estimate. All prices listed here are a starting point. Many items are built differently and costs can vary from item to item.