Tubbs Active Fit 2.0 Binding Replacement Kit


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This kit includes one pair of Tubbs Active Fit 2.0 bindings, 8 stainless steel bolts, and 8 stainless steel locking nuts. This kit does NOT include new crampons.

Sizing: These bindings come in two sizes.

Large/ Men’s- fits approximately men’s sizes 8-13+ depending on the type of footwear used with these bindings.

Small/ Women’s- fits approximately women’s sizes 5-11+ depending on the type of footwear used with these bindings.

Will these bindings work on your snowshoes?  You need to have existing bindings that pivot/rotate on a metal bar (see pictures below, called the toe cord) and you also need a 4 hole bolt pattern on your existing crampons.  Many older style Tubbs bindings/crampons are held together with a 3 bolt pattern.  If you have a 3 bolt pattern, please remove your bindings/crampons from the snowshoes before ordering to see if your crampons have 2 additional holes at the back/heel end (see image with red arrows below) located under the thin plastic plate.  If they do, then these new bindings will work with your existing crampons.  If you do not have the extra set of holes, you will either need to drill additional holes, or purchase a new set of crampons.

Some older Tubbs crampons have 2 additional holes under the plastic plate (see red circles) which make them compatible with newer 4 hole pattern bindings.

Estimated time to install:  If you have bolts with nuts holding your bindings on, approximately 20 to 25 minutes.  If you have steel rivets holding your bindings on, you’ll need a sharp 1/4″ drill bit and drill to remove the rivets and it might take a bit longer.  Drilling out rivets can be time consuming and we recommend using some kind of cutting fluid/lubricant to help out.  Do your best not to overheat the rivets when drilling them out.

Please note: Our inventory changes from season to season and the colors of the bindings we have in stock may vary from what is shown in the item description.  We can’t guarantee what color you will receive.

We are not able to offer installation assistance via phone or email.  If you find that installing this DIY kit is beyond your abilities, we suggest that you enlist the help of your local ski shop.

No returns or exchanges on parts orders. No international sales.

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Large/Men's, Small/Women's