Atlas Speed Helix Running Bindings- DIY Replacement Kit


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This kit includes one pair of Atlas Speed Helix Running bindings with the BOA® Fit System.  They include heel straps, 8 bolts, 8 nuts, 8 washers, 2 aluminum crampons, and 2 base plates and instructions. For most folks this kit will provide everything needed to replace broken racing/running bindings. These are a ‘one size fits most’ binding and are designed to handle lighter weight boots or running shoes.

Will these bindings work on your snowshoes?  These are running specific bindings and will not fit large, bulky boots.

The Atlas Speed Helix Running bindings are a suitable replacement binding for Atlas Dual Trac, Run or Speed models. These are very light weight and not suitable for use on general hiking or back-country travel snowshoes.

Estimated time to install:  30-40 minutes if your bindings are held on with aluminum blind rivets.  Possibly longer if your bindings are held on with steel tubular rivets.  Do your best not to overheat the rivets when drilling them out or you might melt the toe cords.

We do not have installation instructions for this exact style of bindings, but please see this instructions page to give you a rough idea of what is involved with a DIY installation.

Tools you will need: Drill, new 1/4″ drill bit, WD40 or another cutting lubricant (for drilling out rivets), a Phillips head screw driver and a 3/8″ wrench or adjustable crescent wrench.

Please note: Our inventory changes from season to season and the colors of the bindings we have in stock may vary from what is shown in this item description.  We can’t guarantee what color bindings you will receive.

We are not able to offer installation assistance via phone or email.  If you find that installing this DIY kit is beyond your abilities, we suggest that you enlist the help of your local ski shop.

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