Atlas Arch Straps (pair)


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Atlas Arch Straps are a replacement strap for many older Altas snowshoe bindings including the Wrapp Plus and Wrapp Pro.  These Arch Straps are found on many older Atlas Elektra model snowshoes.

Arch straps come in 2 sizes which were often molded onto the straps (see picture): 160mm (Large/Men’s) and 127mm (Small/Women’s)

We sell these straps in pairs and without any other hardware.  You will need to get creative and supply hardware found at your local hardware store.  We recommend using stainless steel bolts with lock nuts or short, aluminum “Chicago screws” with Lock-Tite.

Please note: We are not able to offer installation assistance via phone or email.  If you find that installing this item is beyond your abilities, we suggest that you enlist the help of your local ski shop.

No returns or exchanges on parts orders. No international sales.

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