Since 2006 we've partnered with Patagonia Footwear to offer resoles and repairs on some of their most popular styles. In the Fall of 2014 Patagonia Footwear ended production of the line and we have steadily been going through the remaining inventory of soles. The only soles left are what we have in stock and we will not be getting restocked in the future. If your shoes have the one style of soles shown below, we can likely resole your shoes. Please follow our Mail Order Instructions if your soles and size are shown below or contact us first to make sure we have the correct size honeycomb soles for your shoes. If you don't see the soles your Patagonia shoes have on this page, then we are not able to resole your shoes.

Large Honeycomb Soles: $80 pair (Pau, Loulu, Olulu, Yezo, Bristlecone, Banyan and others)

Please remove laces and foot beds prior to sending us your shoes and keep them.


1/3/2020- We are still stocked with many sizes and colors.
However, we are now permanently out of some sizes/colors.
See the list below for what sizes/colors are now in/out of stock:

US Size
7 All Colors in Stock
7.5 All Colors in Stock
8 Brown and Tan Available
8.5 Brown and Tan Available
9 Brown Available
9.5 Brown Available (2 Pairs)
10 SOLD OUT in All Colors
10.5 SOLD OUT in All Colors
11 SOLD OUT in All Colors
11.5 Available in All Colors
12 SOLD OUT in All Colors
13 SOLD OUT in All Colors
14 Tan Available (1 Pair)
15 Brown and Tan Available

Because we are starting to run low on sizes we highly suggest that you check in with us to see if we have your size (via our contact page) prior to sending in shoes. We will hold 1 pair of soles for you for 10 days while you ship your shoes.

If we don't have your size in the original color, we will substitute with another color (if we have it available). If we are all out of your size, we can not substitute a different size because they won't fit your shoes. If you send your shoes to us, please include your 1st and 2nd choice of color on your mail order form. We don't sell soles on their own, nor do we pre-sell soles in anticipation of a future resole. First come, first served until they are all gone. WE WON"T BE GETTING MORE OF THESE SOLES.


Small Honeycomb Resole: includes the Rimu, Dogwood, Tamboti, Cedar, Cardon, Honeydew and more.

Ecostep Multisport Resole: includes the Huckleberry, Finn, Karakoram.

Vibram Trail Ecostep Resole: The Ranger Smith, Drifter, Craigmaster.

The Nomad, Larry, & Maui these styles were never resoleable.

The Adie and Tin Shed these styles may be resoleable with substitute materials by some creative shoe cobblers, but are not styles we resole.


A: The Large Honeycomb soles are removed, then glued, and then hand-stitched onto the uppers. This process is rather labor intensive. The complete resole process from start to finish takes between 1.25 and 1.75 hours to complete.
A: Unfortunately, our agreement with Patagonia Footwear does not allow us to sell soles to consumers.
A: Currently the soles shown above are the only styles available and the only styles of Patagonia Footwear that we resole.
A: Mountain Soles does not determine what is covered under the Patagonia warranty. If you feel that you have a problem that could be covered by the Patagonia warranty, please contact Patagonia Customer Service and they will assist you. You can reach them at 1 (800) 638-6464 or email them at
A: Yes, most of the time we can take care of blown seams. However, there are a few models that we are unable to repair and we are not always able to match thread colors to the existing color, but we'll do our best.
A: Once your heel linings blow out, there is not much that we can do. It is best to try and recycle your shoes (as long as they have no metal hardware on them).
A: We do not currently stock hardware or laces that are specific to Patagonia Footwear. Depending on the problem you are having, we might be able to use a substitute hook or eyelet to solve the problem, but the repair will not look the same as the original hardware.
A: Take a look at the lower left hand corner of our web site for our current turn around time. If we have your size/color soles in stock, that is how long we will have your shoes before shipping them back. Add a few days for shipping to both ends of that, and you have an approximate turn around time.
A: As of 9/25/14 we will no longer be able to order soles for Patagonia footwear. If we are out of stock on a specific color we may be able to resole your shoes with a different color sole. Once we are out of stock, we will not be getting more soles.
A: Follow the instructions on our Mail Order page.
A: Unfortunately, we are unable to change from one style of sole to another. Each shoe is designed to fit the specific sole that it came with when new.